More than just a choir

It has often been said that WGC is like a family – bringing young girls together to discover the joys of music, as well as developing strong character and leadership qualities, and most importantly, building friendships that will ultimately carry them through life.

From humble beginnings, the choir has cemented itself as one of the most renowned choral groups Australia has to offer; all from hard work, dedication, discipline and a simple and common love of music.

Founded in 1982 by former artistic director Wynette Horne, the Waratah Girls Choir still has the same core value at its heart over 25 years later: to sing to God, for God, and of God.

Now under the inspired vision of Wynette’s daughter, Lindy Connett, there are exciting new challenges ahead: engaging performance programs; local, national and international touring opportunities; CD recordings; cultural exchange and much, much more. 

The choir provides amazing opportunities, both musically and on a personal level. To learn and be inspired by those around you in such an environment is something to be treasured, and to translate this love onto the world stage is one of life’s greatest honours.

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Upcoming Events

Monday 14 July - Term 3 Rehearsals resume

2pm Sunday 7 September - Concert in aid of Kairos Ministries, Bel Air Baptist Church

2pm Saturday 13 September - WGC Annual Concert (tickets available soon)